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Juliette Pelletier, the CEO of Juliette Solutions LLC, founded and ran Reflect-arts, Inc. from 2006-2012, spearheading and curating exciting pop-up exhibitions and multi-media events in galleries and alternative spaces.  Over the course of Reflect-arts, Inc., over 200 artists were exhibited in shows internationally.

Now, in 2020, we have resurrected Reflect-arts, Inc. and will again be producing art exhibitions and events. Currently, our focus is on creating an art event in the Bronx. If you are interested in being involved in this endeavor. For more information, please add yourself to the mailing list!

Click here for Photo Albums of selected Reflect-arts exhibitions and events.

2011 Merton D. Simpson Gallery of Tribal Art

New York, NY

Encore! The grand reopening of the gallery and 50-year retrospective of Merton D. Simpson's art and featured items from his collection.

2010 Wilmer Jennings Gallery

New York, NY

Divine Influences featuring contemporary art with Tribal art pieces from the Merton D. Simpson Collections


2010 Greenville Museum of Art

Greenville, NC

Merton D. Simpson's 'Confrontation' series in tangent with Jasper Johns.

2009 JayKay Gallery

Carrouge, Switzerland

Collaboration with the gallery for the international group exhibition Landscapes & Dreamscapes

2008 Gallery XIV

Boston, MA

Collaboration with the gallery for the national group 'a politic' exhibition featuring Ron English 100' long mural 'Abraham Obama'.


2008 Fountainhead Gallery

New York, NY

Relics & Remembrances Featuring 8 American artists for Women's History Month.

2007 Asian Cultural Center

New York, NY

Essence of Asia: Eastern Influences in Western Art an International exhibition including 40 artists from 12 countries.

2006 Galley 27+

New York, NY

Strange Cities, an exhibition featuring 20 artists from across the US.

2006 Micro Museum

Brooklyn, N Y

Circus Surreal Collaboration with the non-profit arts organization for the national group exhibition Circus Surreal and grand opening multi-media event.

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